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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 20, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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is not returnable. now, watch carefully as i open it up and -- found it! ta-da! now at 7:00 developing news, an s.w.a.t. team skoured a busy shopping mall in the parking lot. this is one of the two north california center where got shot has been fired. temperatures on the increase around here, how warm is it going to get for your saturday and sunday. on this major holiday shopping night, law enforcement offers are gathered
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at who busy shopping malls. s.w.a.t. teams are searching cars by cars at the tracey mall looking for the gunman there. just before 5 p.m. shattering glass of the eastern of the mall. the gunman remains at large. we are following a shooting at the behavior fair mall in san leandro that left one person wounded. police are still at the scene, they're at the mall at east 14th street, officers say there is some kind of arguments in the parking lot. a 24-year-old man found with a non life-threatening injury, the gunman escaped in the car. the mall remains open tonight while police are interviewing witnesses. >> the hospital is addressing the child already. >> to violates the ethical can anyone of the hospital.
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>> each side continues to weigh of the emotional battle. doctors declared her brain dead and late today, the judge orders to keep jahai on life support for a few days. rob robert explains. >> it was an emotional afternoon in alameda county for the mother of jahai and other family members. they requested a restraining order from removing this 13-year-old from life support >> the hospital is addressing the child is brain dead already. the position is she's dead and there is no treatments that she's entitled to. >> doctors at the hospital determined that she's dead days ago and argued that she should be taken off the ventilator of keeping her alive. >> the hospital continue to provide care for the deceased person.
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>> obviously, this is a tragic situation, a young lady has died and no one takes that into callous or uncaring manner, she's dead. >> the family request for an independent neurorollist to examine on jahai. >> the statue says there is the right to have reviewed by an independent physician. >> the family is also request that if the hospital does not get approval to take her off life support, if they would like to move her to another facility. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> go to to read the memorandum from the hospital today.
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this comes just days of the 60 days cooling off period was about to end. the union plans to hold a special meeting tomorrow, the president says she hopes to have a vote before the end of the year. happening now, the busiest travel day day of the year. bay area's airport reports smooth sailing as the holiday get aways. with the exception of some flights in-n-out of chicago due to the weather and flights are running on time and travelers seem to be taking it all in. >> usually i am on top about it and impaired noi about flying so i get to the airport earlier than most people. but, you know it is been pretty efficient so far. >> the busiest area many inside
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the airport i baggage claim area. so far this year, more than 24, 000 servicemen and women have come to the door of this room inside sfo. the sfo add sfo was the irs uso open at the airport country. with the final week before christmas kicking in high-gear tonight, shopping is headed into over drive. some stores staying open today right onto christmas eve. macy's in san francisco in union square will be open straight through christmas eve and toy r'us is opening 24 hours starting tomorrow morning. the company announced it is offering free credit -- there are reports that thousands of account numbers have already turned up
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on a nor tortious internet black market. >> they'll make charges and over the phone and in person and they'll rack up as many dollars as they can so check your statements as soon as possible. figures released today showing california's unemployment rate dropped from 10% from last mo that is still much higher than the national unemployment rate which fell in 7% in november. almost 1. 6 million people are classif unemployed here in california. the nasdaq surge 46, that's a gain of more than 4%. president obama brushed off suggestion that this was the wrs year of his
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presidency at a white house's presidency news conference this year. >> our business is for new growths and jobs firmly believe that 2014 can be a breakthrough year for america. >> the president urged congress to restore unemployment benefits that's expiring later this month for hundreds of thousands of americans. >> because congress did not act more than 1 million of the people would lose the economic lifeline at christmas time and leaving a lot of people without any source of income at all >> the economic news come as the president is facing of the lowest rating of presidency. anne ruban is live in oakland right now of domestic violence. >> reporter: it is important to
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take precas. he waited down the street with the gun. it happened at 8 a.m. in broad daylight just steps from the open courthouse, a woman shot by the man she was receiving restraining order against. >> after hours on the run, 55-year-old cedric webb turned himself in peacefully about 3:30 this afternoon. >> he approached her and shot her several times. she's in the hospital listed with critical condition. >> safety planning is so important of these circumstances. >> they advise people to vary the routines and taking precautions when going to places like work or porch.
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>> use different cars or having a friend to drive you or also you can ask for a police escort. >> they encourage people to take their safety seriously. >> i would say instead of thinking when you hear something like this, i cannot leave, i would say people need to say i get help. >> reporter: again, webb is now in custody, no word yet on formal charges. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. the 24-year-old woman convicted of a dwi crash killed a woman in san francisco one year ago has been sentenced for four years of prison. she pleaded guilty on wednesday to vehicular man s. the victim's son and two friends were also injured at the crash at the twins peek look out. she fled and later found in the parking lot. the night of the
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incident she has an alcohol content of. 23 almost four times of the state's limit. the third fatal accident in the three weeks. the driver was backing up on jones street when he struck and killed a man at about 7:30 this morning. investigators are looking at videos that we are told clearly shows what happened. >> we do have videos and witnesses that were reviewing and talking to and at this point we have not come a final determination of the case >> the driver is cooperating with the investigation. >> san francisco says it is working to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths which has climbed to 17 this year. yesterday, a pedestrian was killed in china town. the big issues is running red lights and speeding and especially during
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the holiday seasons, drinking and driving cht . we have new information of 12 pit bulls discovered. today investigators said they're convinced that dogs were used for fighting. animal control tells us that the dogs show signs of untreated injuries including bite marks. investigators is still trying to prove
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0001 the wild side is burning and could be fully contained by late tonight. 917 acres have burned and 14 homes have been destroyed and people have been evacuated are allow to be back in 14 homes have been destroyed and people have been evacuated are allow to be back in their homes tomorrow. robert honda shows us of the strange similarities of the alleged crime and revealed of the suspect's extent criminal history. >> a family charged of two
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similar charges. 29-year-old maza raped a young woman and attempted to rape another woman in october 1st in the same area at the exact same time at night. >> the scene of the crime and doing the second one is uncommon. >> court do you means that we obtained, -- tracked to a near by target store where he works as a janitor, records show his full name as milton lewis and has been on probation on numerous past offenses and aggravated trespassing and he was also a suspe 2007 medication case that was
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not charged. >> my heart goes out to the women that's hurt and hopefully justice is served and he's put away forever. >> there might be be women out there that can help us of the two crimes. >> his schedule for court is january 21st. tom cruise suggested that he abandoned his brother. today publishing said it never meant to imply that he abandon his daughter. the amount of the settlements were not disclosed. the judge ruled the law passed by voters by 2004 violates couples' rights to due process and equal
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protection under the 14th amendment. the utah's general office found a notice that it will appeal the ruling. monday night 49ers falcon game continues to skyrocket. as their game can be the last game of the candle stick. we looked and found that going from $250 and mid field gems for more than $2000. it is a long shot and tickets price are expected at the stores are higher if the 49ers manage to clinch a home game. the championship game at the candle stick. if you like to share your favorite candle stick memories go to and join all of the other viewers already providing their memories. every year at the this time children around the
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world send letters to santa claus, the request can be sweet but some are heartbreaking. >> the u.s. post office on evan street in san francisco is turning to a santa's workshop. these are some of the volunteers making those christmas wishes coming true. >> we are blessed and i know a lot of people are blessed and struggling in it and it is a good time to help out. >> marcus and his wife is santa's helpers for the first time this year gifting presents to 7 children. it is not easy when a child want a picture of a raindeer. >> i was not able to pull it off, they're not in selfies. >> folks found traditional favorites like a barbie bike or legos and cars. >> some kids are not asking for toys, one kid ask
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santa for food. so santa's helper got the kitchen set and included $100 gift card inside. >> growing up i did not have a lot of money and now i can give back. >> simple things like a pair of walking shoes. this boy tells santa he has problems with his feet and wants to stay healthy and another letter a mother asks for gifts for her daughter that she cannot afford. >> i cannot talk about what santa got out of the workshop but we are going to make some kids happy this year. >> they love putting a smile on the kids' face on christmas morning. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. smiles went up the stages of hundreds of parents today as they visit the annual heart toys giveaways. moms and dads were able to pick
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up 2 gifts along with books and puzzles. they do not have enough gifts, need more donors to cover for the second day. for all of us staying home for the holidays this week, things are looking nice. >> no, the weekend looks good and the week looks good. it does not look wet. rain is going to be good but it is not going to happen. around the bay area, you are going to see national service numbers. 65 in santa rosa and 64 in livermore. what happens tomorrow? same thing. what happens the next day? the same thing. we got a dry pattern and a persistent pattern that's going to continue to bring us this type of weather. it is kind of cool over night and over night lows tine, we'll get them down there in the 30s. it is cool and mild outside right now. it is been kind of nice and fortunate for us after all of the cold nights of 11 days in
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a row -- the smell it is gone and the next week continues, warm and dry so the five-day forecast and the next five-day forecast there is no rain in there. 32 in fairfield and 32 in antioch. you will get the idea that it is going to be chilly tomorrow morning and high clouds and a little bit warmer as we go into the bay area weekend. winds are going to go slightly offshore. the temperatures going to wash out here especially this time of the year. look for lows 60s and mid-60s and maybe upper 60s as we head to the end of the weekend. it is not going to be big wind advisory type of situation not like what we saw 24 hours. santa rosa 65 and 65 in fairfield tomorrow and these numbers you can easily roll them
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over into your sunday as well. the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view is dry and it is more of the same so what you have been getting is what you are going get tomorrow, obviously, begins the first day of winter, the shortest day of the year and we got christmas showing up on wednesday and in between here is dry. that's the five-day forecast forecast of the bay area weekend. at ktvu channel 2 at 10:00 we'll update the model some children in oakland got a big surprise just before the holidays start. each child receives a jacket and a toy. they got some help of the native oaklanders who held an annual christmas party. the driver sends him on a terrifying ride. a sense of closure for the newest edition of the
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bay area's zoo and find out what's in the name for this little lady.
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a terrifying situation on a school bus in south carolina caught on video. a school bus driver ran a stop sign and missed a turn. another teacher jumps into bring it to a stop. none of the 26 students were hurt, harry potter will soon come alive on stage. the author plan to produce the play and explore the previously untold story of harry's year as an orphan. the play is expected to premier in london and west in within the next 2 years. here at home we know the name of the baby gorilla. the name means little lady.
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kabibe. the zoo says the grandma, the 32-year-old troop taking on the role of caretaker for the little girl. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news, we'll see you next time for news break. our coverage continues at the 10:00 news with more of the shooting at the san tracy mall, now, tmz is up next. o
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> the "duck dynasty" family, now they're saying, you know what, we're standing by phil and we're not going to do this show if a&e keeps suspending phil for his anti-gay comments. > is there a parody yet? >> disco duck dynasty. >> god, you make everything good and make it bad. >> mathew perry did a panel recently. there is a guy on the show named peter. he has a strong belief that addiction isn't actually like a disease.


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